Multiplayer on Amazon ECS

If you are new here, I released my first game in late 2021 called Bump & Run. It is a 1 on 1 football game. It is my passion project, and it is always changing and getting new updates. Feedback is always welcome! Lastly, it is available in the Android and Apple App stores.

Multiplayer was something I really wanted to add to the game. I felt it was a great way to connect people and create a community around the game. Still building out all the features but it’s much more stable than it was early on. 

My thought process first lead me to a peer to peer connection where I wouldn’t need a server. But this limited some of the things I wanted to do and also wasn’t conducive for preventing/monitoring cheating. That is would led me to the dedicated server with in Godot. 

The next question I needed to answer was “How do I host it?” Naturally, I hosted it on a server and managed it myself. It ran ok for a while, but it was very inconsistent and the complexity to manage it was not worth it. Not to mention testing and debugging was a nightmare. 

Then explored Amazon Web Services Elastic Container Service (ECS). This significantly simplified my container deployment. I now didn’t have to worry about exposing a single game server to the internet. I didn’t have to worry about scaling, since ECS will scale pretty high by default without requesting to raise the limits in AWS.

Overall it has been a giant step in the right direction and I’m excited to build more on AWS ECS.